THIS IS OUR COLLECTION OF UNDERGROUND CDR'S! All releases are 5 bucks plus shipping to North America, and 7 bucks plus shipping to anywhere else! Super cheap! Most of these are pro CDr's unless otherwise noted. Quality for a low price!

~ Durvasag - World Massacre demo (This is a great thrash demo recorded on a single tape recorder, and has some really great sound. Reminiscent of an 80's underground thrash demo! Currently 3 in stock! Get them while they're available! $5 AIR/SFM Records 2012)

~ Thy Rites - Summoning the Abomination's Curse (Kickass black/death demo with tons of great riffs in only two songs! Comes in a slim jewel case, $3)

~ Snowfall/Benighted in Sodom Split CDR (Incredibly well done Depressive Black Metal from the United States and Canada. Two great bands team up to deliver 4 consecutive waves of sadness in this release! $5 SFM Records)

~ Foreskin/Multicorp split 2011 (A great split between two pakistani bands; one is a thrash crossover band who are gaining notoriety in Pakistan after their BITP demo, and Multinational Corporations, a grind/slam/death band who pump out more politically frustrated joy than you can handle. $3 AIR Records)

~ Sledgehammer Autopsy - The Art of Bludgeoning (Sweet grind from the good ol' US of A! These guys don't fuck around when it comes to violent music! AIR Recommended for sure! $5 SFM Records)

~ Metastasis - From the Snow the Executioner Rises Again (Fantastic thrash from Chile, these guys play searing thrash in the vein of Sodom, Zombiekrig, and Kreator. This release is actually a PRO CD, so it's an officially pressed release with CD artwork and everything. Very nice! $10 SFM/Suffering Jesus Records)

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